Teemu Järvi

Teemu Järvi (b. 1973), a fly fisherman by heart, started his creative career with traditional art studies in the Free Art School, Helsinki. He continued his education in the University of Art and Design, Helsinki where he received a Master's of Arts degree in Spatial and Furniture Design in 2005. Järvi is interested in the entire spectrum of the arts and crafts: graphics, colors, materials, spaces, images – and especially in creating something new, surprising and distinctive out of the mix. Järvi’s work has been recognized in many national and international contests, including the Pro Finnish Design contest (Finland 2001) and the Caiazza Memorial Challenge at the Promosedia International Chair Exhibition (Italy 2003). In 2004, Wallpaper* Magazine named him one of the 15 Most Wanted Designers in the Future. The Finnish Cultural Foundation has supported him with five grants in 2004–2009. In parallel with his solo work, Järvi shares his thoughts and a studio with fellow designer Heikki Ruoho. Together they form the team JÄRVI & RUOHO (Finnish for ‘Lake & Grass’) .Since 2003, the company has been creating work focused on product design as well as on, interior, exhibition, and furniture design. Järvi and Ruoho are committed to working hard, pushing the boundaries, and kicking each other’s ass to dream up cutting-edge design. They will settle for nothing less than to make everyone, the client, the end-user, and themselves, happy by creating beautiful, timeless, and functional objects in seamless collaboration with the manufacturers.