Brands Scandinavia

Brands Scandinavia

Functional and fun, durable and beautiful. This is what Brands Scandinavia is about. We grouped together some of Scandinavia's top designers and turned their ideas into products. Contemporary Northern designs and clean lines define us and we want you to enjoy them in your everyday living.

Brands Scandinavia is more lustrous, more contemporary, more engaging than ever. Genuine designer goods - bedding, bath linens, home accessories, lamps, bags and stationery are now within everyone’s reach.

Brands Scandinavia has collaborated with top Finnish designers to bring our customers something truly unique. The inspiration and ideas come from the designers themselves whereas we guarantee the quality and functionality. Soon, we will also start featuring designers from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Brands Scandinavia offers its distributors a turnkey retail concept that’s easily adaptable based on store parameters. Our racks, displays and platforms - along with campaign and POS materials - complement the whole and make it a breeze to sell. In the fall of 2010 we will also introduce the first shop-in-shop retail environments.

Brands Scandinavia was initially launched in 2009 by Logonet Brands – a member of the Logonet Group. Our tightly-knit team of skilled professionals believes in our mission of bringing unprecedented value to the public and that working together we can make great things happen. Do you think you could be a Brands Scandinavia distributor?


Logonet Group

Brands Scandinavia's closely knit team consists of skilled professionals with a passion to bring top design at affordable prices to anyone's reach. The ever-changing line draws inspiration from the world around it and active communication with consumers is a vital part of Brands Scandinavia's item development.

The proprietor of Brands Scandinavia, Logonet Brands Oy, is a part of Logonet Group. The Group has offices in Helsinki, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dhaka and Shanghai, with a turnover in excess of 20 MEU (2009), offering jobs to almost 300 people globally.

Logonet Group is ISO 9001:2008-certified and all its Finnish affiliates have adopted WWF's Green Office environmental program.


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