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Eero Aarnio – 80 Bubbly Design Years

We would like to welcome You to celebrate Eero Aarnio’s decades of ideas at our joint exhibit space 7t31, Habitare Ahead! Hall, September 12-16, 2012.

Happening at the space:
Wednesday, September 12 at 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm. – Press Conference
- Eero Aarnio interview
- Copacabana guitar sounds
- Celebration toast

In honor and celebration of the always innovative, always new and always in-style Eero Aarnio (b. July 21, 1932), we are glad to showcase some of his latest ideas as seen through his formidable body of work.

As an international platform, Habitare Ahead! is a great vehicle to bring together export companies and Eero Aarnio is the common denominator for them all – tying their collections together with his own, unique design esthetic.

His pieces have conquered the world and its museums, publications and homes. Yet, there are still ample things to do to increase their audience and to spread their message.

We will gather show visitor memories and experiences about Eero’s pieces. For many, these pieces evoke something from the past whereas some may discover a new friend, new dimensions.

One of Eero’s iconic designs, Pony, is already starting to celebrate its upcoming birthday. Since its conception 40 years ago, the original design has been recreated and re-envisioned into a smaller Pony as well as jewelry and tabletop pieces. You can even buy Pony by the yard! We cannot wait to see where Eero takes Pony before it turns 50!

Eero Aarnio is truly a legendary designer and as such, he is a great motivator for all the up-and-coming young designers, looking at the Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 and wondering what future holds for them. As a designer, you must stay true to yourself and to bring your own self to your work without compromises.

The cooperation launch at Habitare Ahead! is a kickoff for future collaborations and we look forward to working together in both the international and the domestic arenas.

For more information, please visit us at our space 7t31 Brands Scandinavia/Design Eero Aarnio or contact any Eero Aarnio marketing and retail partner.


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"Here you can find my latest Design and all Original Classics" -Eero Aarnio
SHOP and SHOWROOM HELSINKI, Erottajankatu 19, 00130 Hki.


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Meters and meters of Eero Aarnio

The autumn of 2012 brings the familiar characters of Eero Aarnio's designs to textiles. These new Moose, Ghost, Auto and Racer themed multi-purpose cotton fabrics are only available at Eurokangas. The new patterns of the ZOO Collection will be on display at Habitare 2012 and also at every Eurokangas store throughout the country.

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