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Brands Scandinavia is proud to present the luscious colors and great new ideas of fall/winter 2011 collection. Their new products invite you to change the mood at home or perk up the office space. Each Brands Scandinavia item is a story about its designer. The talent behind the fall/winter 2011 collection includes Erik Bruun, Teemu Järvi, Eero Aarnio, Päivi Jokelainen, Anne Vasko and Sakke Yrjölä

Robust, relaxed

Brands Scandinavia products are designed for everyday living. Think of them as your favorite pair of jeans that you like more and more each passing day, month and year. Brands Scandinavia’s home textiles and furnishings, accessories, bags and stationery help you make every day an enjoyable experience.

Brands Scandinavia brings fun, uncomplicated moments to your life. Soothing Presence is inspired by the Northern nature; sand, water, earth, ice, snow. With summer turning to fall, the collection is punctuated and enhanced by the beautiful shades of October leaves. Presence is about clean form and natural materials.

A masterful graphic designer Erik Bruun lives on the Suomenlinna fortress island off the coastline of Helsinki. With its beautiful nature and wildlife, Suomenlinna has been an inspiration in Bruun’s Feather bedding. The down’s shape evokes restful dreams while the crisp cotton is durable and comfortable.

Teemu Järvi’s Pumpkin oil lamp has a timeless, fluid shape. The transparent glass sphere forms an elegant home for the flame and creates a quiet calm around itself.

Vivid and colorful Urban Mood

Urban Mood contrasts and complements Presence, bringing bold colors and new materials into the mix. Fall 2011 Urban Mood collection features full, delicious shades of blue, aqua, burnt sienna, deep red, dark chocolate.

Eero Aarnio, internationally famous since the 1960’s, is recognized for his use of modern materials and playful designs. The humorous creatures of Zoo appear in felt wall decorations, pillows, notebooks, laptop bags and bedding.

Bold colors and carefree canvas define Cargo, a new line of bags and cushion covers by Päivi Jokelainen. Enzyme wash makes the material soft and pliable, yet retains the durability. Cargo is equally beautiful both home and away.

Anne Vasko’s jotters and sketchbooks are illustrated with her signature combination of sharp lines and watercolor-like color tones. The naturalistic themes, such as Northern Lights, Little Garden and Spirit of the Forest inspire thoughts of happy memories, of friends and laughter.

Logonet Group

The proprietor of Brands Scandinavia, Logonet Brands Oy, is a part of Logonet Group. The Group has offices in Helsinki, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dhaka and Shanghai, with a turnover in excess of 25 MEUR (2010), offering jobs to almost 300 people globally. Logonet Group is ISO 9001:2008 –certified and all its Finnish affiliates have adopted WWF’s Green Office environmental program.

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